She loves literature. Ever since she was a child, she read books during summer break for fun. She loves to create. Her family can tell you of all the short stories she wrote, the journals kept, and blogs posted. She is attentive to inspiration. Life experience provides such unique material when one takes advantage of the smallest detail to find the beauty and the message it is trying to tell. She appreciates the power of words. Puns, alliteration, sentence structure... they all display such a special relationship between a pen and the pad.

Christian Jackson is a talented professional. She answered the call to help others by using her god-given gifts. By day, she is a mental health professional, treating substance use disorders. She enjoys uplifting others, empowering them to use their voice and being their best selves no matter the circumstance. Part of her treatment modalities almost always include passing on her love of writing by encouraging clients to record their thoughts for further evaluation; there is always something to learn when we can truly observe what we are saying to ourselves.

Helping others comes in many forms. Christian uses her gift of editing, love for writing, and her unquenchable thirst for hearing a new story to provide services for upcoming authors to people with a dream. Christian’s accolades include novel edits, curriculum development and editing, resume and cover letter revisions, nonprofit consulting, and more. Her unique ability to combine her anthropological interests with philanthropic efforts makes her a special addition to any individual or organization with the common goal to improve overall quality of life. Whether she is involved in cheering you on through your latest crisis or coaching you through your literary venture, she is prepared to assist. She is your editor. She is Revised by Ray.